Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bread is good.

This ad right here is such a fail. 

First of all, I know it's intended to make me feel skeptical about bread, but what I really feel is "Look at that delicious bread! I'm gonna eat it. What? I don't want to read two whole books before I eat the bread! GET OUTTA MY WAY, BOOKS, YOU ARE BETWEEN ME AND THE BREAD."

Also, I don't want to read anything that's going to talk me out of bread. 

Here's a 100% whole-wheat boule I made today. It's very brown because I put it in the oven when Kamal was napping, and midway through his usual nap time Kamal woke up and would only stay asleep in my lap. When I knew it was time to take the bread out of the oven, I didn't know what to do--risk waking the precariously sleeping baby, or let the the bread burn?

Fortunately just a few minutes after the bread needed to be taken out of the oven, Kamal emitted a massive fart and woke himself up, solving the dilemma. He's so awesome.

Very brown, but still perfectly serviceable

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