Sunday, December 28, 2014


This morning found Adam and I debating whether to incorporate the whey left over from making cheese into today's bread dough or just feed it to our chickens. And I will admit that, walking back from the chicken coop, I felt pretty smug about having had that dilemma, and the wholesome, organic picture it paints of our life. But in the name of internet transparency, and with the goal of not playing the sanctimonious mommy blogger card, I feel compelled to add that while this discussion took place, our child was sitting on the couch playing games on my phone.

I mean, this happens, too. "This" being literally a naked hippie baby feeding his chickens organic chard.

Sunday-morning cereal sharing

Kamal is not particularly partial to cold cereals, unless they are in Adam's bowl, in which case they are DELICIOUS. 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bread is good.

This ad right here is such a fail. 

First of all, I know it's intended to make me feel skeptical about bread, but what I really feel is "Look at that delicious bread! I'm gonna eat it. What? I don't want to read two whole books before I eat the bread! GET OUTTA MY WAY, BOOKS, YOU ARE BETWEEN ME AND THE BREAD."

Also, I don't want to read anything that's going to talk me out of bread. 

Here's a 100% whole-wheat boule I made today. It's very brown because I put it in the oven when Kamal was napping, and midway through his usual nap time Kamal woke up and would only stay asleep in my lap. When I knew it was time to take the bread out of the oven, I didn't know what to do--risk waking the precariously sleeping baby, or let the the bread burn?

Fortunately just a few minutes after the bread needed to be taken out of the oven, Kamal emitted a massive fart and woke himself up, solving the dilemma. He's so awesome.

Very brown, but still perfectly serviceable