Monday, December 3, 2012

Post-run refuel

After I came back from my run yesterday, Adam and Kamal were still, adorably, napping in the big orange chair. 

Kamal on a more active day in the big orange chair

So I took a nice long hot shower. And after I came out of the nice long hot shower, they were still adorably napping, and I was starving.

Since I've started breast feeding, protein is a really big deal. If I have a meal without protein in it, it kind of feels like I haven't eaten at all. This leads to situations like the time I put half a can of tuna on my plateful of Adam's amazing pasta alla vodka and completely scandalized him.

As far as I knew, I only had a few minutes before Kamal woke up and wanted to nurse, so I hustled to get a meal together. In a little bit of coconut oil, I scrambled an egg, a heaping tablespoon of live-cultured cottage cheese, and a huge handful of spinach. Then I cut a thin slice from a loaf of our homemade no-knead bread, cut that in half, and assembled a little sandwich. This is a meal that I make a lot; for its small size, it packs a whole bunch of protein--and it can be eaten with one hand, in case I'm breast feeding.*

*Sometimes I get crumbs on the baby.

Added a grapefruit, sprinkled with a teaspoon of sugar, from the orchard of our friends Ray and Barbara.

Kamal very considerately slept until I'd finished eating. Running, eating with two hands, AND blogging? This parenting thing is a piece of cake. Once in a while. 


  1. you're my hero.. wait until you get a jogging stroller and when kamal can safely ride it. He's going to have a BLAST when you take him "flying". also, I took Hadriel "flying" with his superman outfit. meaning, he was parallel to the ground while I held his torso and his legs wrapped around my waist. Then ran....with his cape hitting me in the face. that instance, a stroller would've been genius.

    1. Love the image of Hadriel flying with you! You're such an awesome auntie!